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No Contest
The High Priest goes first, smug with the opportunity. To get rid of two heretics with one blow! He adjusts his robes and extends his arms to the sky.

"Gods! Hear me, your faithful servant! These heretics are corrupting your divine works with their foul enchanting, and trying to lead your people astray! Strike this one down and show the world thy might!"
His words echo through the mostly empty pavilion. And nothing further happens.
"Hmph. Obviously they see this as a trifle, beyond their gaze.  I knew that would be the case! You'll get nothing more!" as he angrily waves his hand at Maya.

Maya looks nervous, but Silver pats her shoulder. "Go on. You'll do fine. I have faith.. in them, and in you"

"Th..thank you" Maya steps up, and clutches the pendant she is wearing.  She takes a deep breath.

And begins to sing.

She sings in a language noone there seems to understand. "Rrha ki ra tie yor ini en nha!" The air is punctuated by a clap of thunder, high in the sky. A sky devoid of clouds, until now.

 Wee ki ra par yorge ar ciel!"
"Was yea ra chs mea yor en fwal!"
"Ma ki ga ks maya yor syec"
And then she sings too fast to make out clearly the phrases, but as she does, an array of magical glyphs surround Maya, Ami and the priest.

The high priest looks terrified, stricken. "How!? How can you know that language?? Only the high arch priests are allowed to even see those texts!"

Maya's head snaps down and her eyes open, making direct contact with his. Behind those eyes is something else, something otherworldly.
Face Off
Silver points up to the dias. "We aren't here to fight.. unless you force us to. Bring her down here. NOW"

The high priest looks down on the group imperiously. "You have no say here, Hero of the Moon". He practically spits out the title. "If you are concerned about your property, you will be reimbursed!"

Lotus whistles, and her arrow breaks a few supports on the platform, causing it to creak. "We can catch her.  We won't catch you"

Of the few assembled guards- many fled with the crowd, for control of course- two approach, one going up and freeing Ami.

The priest sneers at him. "Giving in to that whelp? And why does she have that sword?? You said it was locked up!"  The guard doesn't look up. "Sir, no disrespect but I dunnae wanna explain why ye wound up a smear on the tiles down there when the cap'n gets back. Lets just hear em' out."

The priest grabs Ami and drags her down the stairs, practically throwing her to the ground in front of him. "Alright then, we're not handing it over so why don't you explain yourself?"

Lotus and Silver both let out a low growl at Ami's treatment, but Silver speaks. "You claim she has committed heresy. Well, you are a high priest. I assume you can cast clerical prayer magic then?"

He laughs. "Of course I can! What kind of question is that?"  Silver smiles. "Fine then, I have a proposal."

Silver puts an arm around Maya's shoulders. "We have a priestess too. So I propose a good old fashioned Theology contest. You both cast your prayers, you for the heretic to be killed.  We win, and we take her back."

The Priest scowls skeptically.  "And if mine are answered?"

"Then I will give back the Sun sword and impale myself on the Moon sword. You can put them both back in the stone"
The Grand Entrance
The crowd begins to part; most run to the exits across the four bridges away from the podium.  Only five remain to approach the center.

And they look unhappy.

Nearing the middle, Silver plunges the two swords into the stone path and continues walking. "Jai, Ali, stay here and make sure nobody gets behind us"

"Yes maam!"
As the headsman's axe falls, from the crowd there came a quick chanting and a sharp, loud whistle.
A magical circle of protection springs up around Ami, forcing the men back.  And a small object leaving a bright blue trail flies to the podium, pausing long enough to trip the headsman nearly off the edge, curving around to pierce the falling axe like butter, and knocking it off the stand into the onlookers below, many of whom begin to flee the area.

The arrow banks to return to its origin point in the crowd.
The Execution
Later that afternoon, following town criers, villagers and travelers alike come to a mountain plaza above town to witness the execution.  People are buzzing about the allegations; almost an even split on whether or not they are true.  They all go silent when the guards and Inquisitor lead Ami up to the platform.  They didn't even bother to clean the dirt off of her and she stumbles a lot, clearly weakened.  They force her down and bind her arms painfully behind her, sliding a headsman's wedge beneath her neck.

The Inquisitor launches into a history lesson of the kingdom, extolling the manly virtues of the king and past wielders of the sun sword, calling the very notion a woman, let alone a slave, could ever be worthy to hold it blasphemous and stating that they must quickly put the witch to death to preserve their glorious kingdom.

From the murmurs of the crowd, not many more were swayed.

But he nods to the executioner, who raises the axe.
My computers hard drive is failing :( Luckily everything is properly backed up. But, this means no new art until next week sometime. 


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